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Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey Into Deep Wild

"Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey into Deep Wild" is the story of my journey from suburban Connecticut into Deep Wild, an ancient passage, repeated -- in one form or another -- a zillion times, and ignored just as often. It is a journey of discovery -- in jungles, ice-fields, the Himalayan plateau, and the mountains of northern British Columbia.

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In the process of “researching” this book I have already received the following awards and accolades:
•National Geo Top Ten Adventures of the Year
•Canoe and Kayak Expedition of the Year
•New York Times Front Page
•Canadian National Magazine Awards: Honorable Mention

Books by Jon Turk

Crocodiles and Ice
Crocodiles and Ice
Raven's Gift cover-web
The Raven’s Gift
In the Wake of the Jomon
In the Wake of the Jomon
Cold Oceans
Cold Oceans
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A novelist creates fictional characters and moves them through an imaginary landscape. Over the past fifty years, I have wandered through real landscapes, full of joy and wonder and often fraught with physical hardship and danger. My books recount this physical and spiritual journey from the chemistry laboratory, to my career as a textbook writer, to the present -- where I am exploring the beauty and functional utility of alternative ways of perceiving and living in this world.
Jon Turk TUS 2-smallSpeaking is a performance art, combining storytelling, imagery, and motion. In the past three years, I’ve given almost 200 performances, ranging from prestigious venues such as Lincoln Center in New York, Mountain Film in Telluride, and Yale University.  My performances generate over-the-top enthusiasm because they are thought-provoking, lively, and fun, because they inspire people to be inspired, because they reach deep into our subconscious — the spiritual value of a reciprocal relationship with nature.
Jon in storytelling mode Over the past few years, I have worked with  Weber Dance Company, from Boston, to develop, produce, and perform a joint storytelling/dance performance called Synchronicity and the Sacred Space. Through storytelling and dance, this performance probes the strange landscape where scientific thought encounters the unknown, and human perception and reality are fluid partners.
about me collage-smaller copyI love my work, but I am also protective of my free time, which is divided between my life, with my wife Nina, in our small house/cabin in the Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana and my expeditions.

Circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island

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